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Face Oiliness / Acne & Blemishes / Redness


15ml / 0.5 fl.oz.|30ml / 1 fl.oz

Plants extract and honey extract compounds can keep under control excessive oil and sebum secretion. And it also reduce the bacterial growth on the skin to make it clean and trouble-free and healthy.

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  • Ampule for a baby-like clean skin

  • Highly concentrated sebum care ingredients to make your skin look clean and transparent

  • Prevent skin problems and stimulate life cycle of skin with the help of white willow extract which have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects

  • The white willow extract is an effective agent in preventing skin problems and improving skin condition

  • A wide range of natural and patented ingredients fill the skin stratum corneum cells to make skin look young and healthy

  • Safe and effective to mix with the basic skin care products and color cosmetics


For clear pores - water-oil balance, sebum control, soothing skin irritation

Has roles of moisturizing, firming, clarifying, whitening and anti-aging.

Customized Mix & Match Ampules

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The texture that can be mixed with anything

Ampules which have a thin, watery texture that can be mixed up with basic skin-care products, face base cosmetics and color cosmetics.

6 ampules adjusted to skin concerns

Make your own skincare items by mixing and matching 6 ampules with your cosmetics.

Highly-concentrated ampules verifies as the safe products

By EWG which indexes and grades products 1-10 based on EWA's views of their ingredients.




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