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Skin Dullness / Uneven Texture / Rough and Flaky Skin


15ml / 0.5 fl.oz.|30ml / 1 fl.oz

Papaya sauce, sugar cane extract and PHA elements standardize the turnover cycle of dead skin cells. It gently removes dead skin cells and prevents the skin from growing, making it into a fine texture and maintaining it.

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  • An ampule for people who want transparent skin

  • Papaya extract makes the best exfoliation to remove dead skins and wastes

  • The Coix Lacryma-Jobi Seed Extract can affect on acne and other breakouts

  • It also moisturizes the skin while removing dead skin cells which can make skin more glossy and smooth

  • Safe end effective to mix with the basic skin care product and color cosmetics


For smooth and clear skin - exfoliation, smoothing skin

Has roles of moisturizing, firming, clarifying, whitening and anti-aging.

Customized Mix & Match Ampules

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The texture that can be mixed with anything

Ampules which have a thin, watery texture that can be mixed up with basic skin-care products, face base cosmetics and color cosmetics.

6 ampules adjusted to skin concerns

Make your own skincare items by mixing and matching 6 ampules with your cosmetics.

Highly-concentrated ampules verifies as the safe products

By EWG which indexes and grades products 1-10 based on EWA's views of their ingredients.




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