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Dark Circle / Uneven Skin Tone / Dark Spots and Blemishes


15ml / 0.5 fl.oz.|30ml / 1 fl.oz

The selective plant extract composite and niacin amide interfere with melanin synthesis, providing the nutrients needed to suppress pigmentation and grow into a bright, radiant skin.

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  • An ampule to make their skin radiant

  • Seven white plants of Swiss Alps whiten your skin

  • Peppermint extracts can waken cells of your tired skin with cooling effects

  • This ampule makes your skin look more radiant with no significant stimulation all the time

  • Safe and effective to mix with the basic skin care products and color cosmetics


For bright and luminous skin - skin tone improvement, brightening skin

Has roles of moisturizing, firming, clarifying, whitening and anti-aging.

Customized Mix & Match Ampules

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The texture that can be mixed with anything

Ampules which have a thin, watery texture that can be mixed up with basic skin-care products, face base cosmetics and color cosmetics.

6 ampules adjusted to skin concerns

Make your own skincare items by mixing and matching 6 ampules with your cosmetics.

Highly-concentrated ampules verifies as the safe products

By EWG which indexes and grades products 1-10 based on EWA's views of their ingredients.




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