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30g / 1.06 fl.oz.

BRUDERM® is used before and/or after dermatological procedures and cosmetic surgeries in order to prevent and treat bruises. Vitamin K1 Oxide enchances the recovery of damaged blood vessels allowing faster removal of bruises and swellings.

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Bruderm_30g NEW.png


Fraxel skinzzo.png

After Fraxel procedure

CO2 Laser skinzzo.png

After CO2 Laser procedure

Surgical skinzzo.png

After surgical laser procedure

IPL skinzzo.png

After IPL procedure

Peeling skinzzo.png

After Peeling procedure

Should be used before or after any skin irritation occurs.


An essential vitamin for blood coagulation. It was named after the first capital of the word, ‘Koagulation’, which means coagulation in Danish.


  • Due to its use of highly advance delivery system of ingredients, Nanosome, it has a high skin absorption rate, delivering effective results.

  • Contains ingredients such as Arnica montana, Aloe babadensis leaf, Ascorbyl palmitate, Tocopheryl acetate, which are highly beneficial for a swift recovery of damaged skin and infection.

  • Does not cause any skin irritation. Does not leave sticky traces after applying DDS (Drug Delivery System) for maximization of effects. (ex. Nanoencapsulation)

  • Comes in an aluminum tube, effectively preventing the oxidation of constituents.

  • Helps strengthen the skin barriers. Provides moisture and nutrition for sensitive skin.

  • Can be used on all skin types and makeups can be applied after absorption.

  • Allows exposure to the sun directly after application. Can be used on children..



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